Meteorological Decision Support

System for Aviation


Weather contributes both directly and indirectly to incidents, accidents, and delays in air traffic and hence derogates safety and efficiency of airport operations. Today, the aviation stakeholders receive their meteorological information from different sources, at different update rates and with different levels of resolution and accuracy, often leading to misunderstandings and even wrong decisions. The MEDUSA project is an initiative under the framework of an Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways Marie Curie Action.

The goal of MEDUSA is to develop a meteorological decision support system for aviation to provide adequate information about adverse weather situations to all decision makers in the airport environment such as airports, air navigation safety providers, airlines, and weather services. MEDUSA is a highly interdisciplinary and intersectorial project dedicated to the scientific and technological development of an end-user oriented application in the field of aviation meteorology.

MEDUSA, combining scientific complexity with high requirements on technical robustness, aims to provide an integrated weather information solution to aviation. Adverse summer weather like thunderstorms and heavy precipitation, and adverse winter weather situations like heavy snow fall, icing and freezing conditions at the airport will be considered. Key for the technical development is the integration of the various meteorological products in a robust, reliable, and real-time operational system with an easy-to-understand visualization to assist end-users in daily decision-making.



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