Meteorological Decision Support

System for Aviation


Dissemination results have been limited to internal seminars since most of the tasks have been focused in the initial phases of the project (development). The main activities have been as follows:

  1. ◦ Kick-off meeting (14-15 October 2010) at DLR: common seminar HYDS-DLR presenting the various technologies that could be used in the project.

  2. ◦ Secondment 1: November 2010 – March 2011 (HYDS to DLR). Seminar about nowcasting and Blending techniques and implementation over DLR data. Seminar about the MEDUSA Framework.

  3. ◦ Secondment 2: April 2011 (DLR to HYDS). Seminar about Cb-Tram and Rad-Tram recent advancements and test over selected thunderstorm events.

  4. ◦ Secondment 3: July – October 2011 (HYDS to DLR). Seminar about MEDUSA platform current version. Seminar about nowcasting and Blending techniques tests over selected events.

  5. Presentations/attendance to conferences and workshops:

  6. ◦ Technical Interchange Meeting by FAA and Eurocontrol for better use of weather information in aviation, Washington, USA (April 2011), DLR’s presentation about the aviation-meteorological research activities in Europe and collected useful information related to similar approaches to MEDUSA.

  7. ◦ 16th International Road Weather Conference Helsinki, Finland, May 2012. DLR’s presentation about ‘Tailored and On-time Weather Information for Road Traffic Management’, showing the capabilities of the MEDUSA approach on onset, duration, amount and type of precipitation as well as snow and icing conditions at the surface and how these concepts could be extended to road safety.

  8. ◦ Final Colloquium of DLR's Project "Wetter & Fliegen", Munich, March 2012. This DLR-internal project with main topics wake vortex, deep convection/thunderstorms, and wintry weather conditions is strongly linked  to MEDUSA. The colloquium allowed to present the DLR R&D result in these topics to a selected audience related to airport management and research activities on the field.

  9. ◦ MEDUSA demonstration at EDMO (Oberpfaffenhofen Airport), April 2012. First meeting showing MEDUSA capabilities with the idea of making available to the airport the platform in real time for the summer campaign (planned from July-October 2012).

  10. ◦ MEDUSA meeting Sabadell Airport (July 2011). Meeting with a Spanish air flight company operating in a small regional airport close to Barcelona. The objective is to deliver a test version of the platform that could be tested by pilots in a regional approach.

  11. ◦ 7th European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology (ERAD 2012), Toulouse, France. Two works where presented related to MEDUSA, a general overview of the project, and a specific presentation on nowcasting near-ground winter precipitation for aviation (related to the snow potential algorithm developed for the MEDUSA platform).

Dissemination activities