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Hydrometeorological Innovative Solutions S. L. (HYDS) is a SME founded in 2006 as a spin-off initiative of the Center of Applied Research in Hydrometeorology of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (CRAHI-UPC), supported by CIDEM (Catalan Center for Enterprise Innovation and Development) and is member of the NEOTEC program of support to Spin Off Technological Companies of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. HYDS' main motivation is the transfer of R&D into innovative operational solutions in the field hydrometeorology.

HYDS’ capabilities involve the whole chain of requirements of the products offered by the company (development of algorithms, design of tailored DB for hydrometerology, advanced visualization tools, monitoring tools, warning systems, dissemination tools, etc.) in an advanced software development context (HYDS is certified as CMMI maturity Level-2).

The Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre is located in the DLR Campus Oberpfaffenhofen. It focusses on the research of the physical and chemical processes of the troposphere and lower stratosphere. About 100 people work in the institute. It is structured in five departments. The institute investigates the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere in the troposphere and stratosphere. The knowledge of dynamical, cloud physical, and chemical processes constitute the basis for many aerospace applications. On both, regional and global scales the relevant processes and changes of the state of the atmosphere are quantified and systematically investigated using remote sensing, research aircraft, and computational models.

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