Meteorological Decision Support

System for Aviation


Work pakage 3 - Implementation, demonstration and assessment of MEDUSA

WP leader: HYDS

Partners involved: HYDS, DLR


O3.1 Implementation and demonstration of MEDUSA in pre-operational test environments.

O3.2 Evaluation, feed-back and assessment.


This WP will provide critical information about the real-time performance of the system and the user’s suggestions about the pros and cons detected during the test period. In this sense an iterative process has been foreseen in order to include user’s advice.

T3.1 Implementation of MEDUSA at potential test sites (MUNICH, FRA (Frankfurt), BCN (Barcelona)).

Valuable information collected in WP1 Tests will be used to define a very detailed document of implementation to facilitate the real-time test of the system in the airports.

T3.2 Summer experiments at FRA and BCN and evaluation.

During this experiments the objective is to evaluate the performance of the algorithms related to the detection and nowcasting of thunderstorms.

T3.3 Collecting feed-back from users, (controllers, dispatchers, meteorologists, airport authorities).

Feed-back will be categorized in order to define critical importance for the operability of the system.

T3.4 Assessment of summer experiments including user’s feed-back.

Plausible improvements based in user’s feed-back will be applied to the system and tested. This process is planned as an iterative process that will mainly focus in the adaptation of algorithms’ parameters, or warnings configuration in order to fulfill users requirements.

T3.5 Winter experiment at MUNICH.

Second block of tests focused in the evaluation of winter related algorithms of the system (freezing rain or heavy snowfall).

T3.6 Collecting feed-back from users (controllers, dispatchers, meteorologists, airport authorities).

T3.7 Assessment of winter experiment including user’s feed-back.

As in Task 3.3 an iterative process to include some of the user’s feed-back will be applied.

T3.8 Global assessment of MEDUSA and description of possible improvements, lessons learned for A-MEDUSA (advanced MEDUSA).

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