Meteorological Decision Support

System for Aviation


Work pakage 4 - Dissemination

WP leader: HYDS

Partners involved: HYDS, DLR


O4.1 Manage the dissemination of the MEDUSA results.

O4.2 Present MEDUSA to end-users to receive feed-back.

O4.3 Generation of a business case.

O4.4 Generation of marketing strategy.

O4.5 Agreements on IPR, patents and licensing.


The manin taks will be devoted to the organization of local workshops to present MEDUSA to end-user groups in Germany and Spain to receive feed-back on the platform and to further define the user requirements. They will be aimed at a broader audience.

Addicionally it is foreseen to develop a business case for MEDUSA considering the business objectives and opportunities, the desired business benefits, the project risks, the assumptions and constraints, the expected outcome, the workload, the required resources, and the commitments.

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