Meteorological Decision Support

System for Aviation


Work pakage 4 - Project Management

WP leader: HYDS

Partners involved: HYDS, DLR


O5.1 Mangement tasks.

To manage the programmed activities ensuring the proper implementation of the work plan and a smooth advancement of the project towards its final goals. Specifically:

- Scientific, financial and organizational management of the project.

- To organize the internal communication and evaluation actions, and to fulfill all contractual requirements.


The coordinator, plus the Management Team and the project Executive Board will manage the activities of MEDUSA in terms of scientific & administrative leadership, communication, and maintaining the contract requirements to the EC.  All management activities will be done according to the EU regulations:

- synthesis of cost statements and progress reports for paper submission to EC.

- follow up on budget issues.

- revision of work plans.

- control reports and audits.

- external reviews.

- final reporting.

The Management Team will organize and negotiate all project issues with the EC during the project duration. All contract requirements will be under continuous review and the Management Team will conduct the internal scientific survey and project benchmarking in terms of progress of the operation manuals and guidelines.

The Management Team will organize the MEDUSA meetings, and will support the internal exchanges and communication via the project Web-site and Project-site.

T5.1 Development and maintenance of the Project Web-site.

T5.2 Technical and administrative management.

T5.3 Coordination with the EC.

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